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How Private Schools Foster a Love of Storytime in Preschoolers

Reading is a fundamental skill for academic and life success. That’s why nurturing a love of stories from an early age is so important. While pre-k students learn letters, they can’t quite read yet, which is why story time is an important part of their daily routine. Here are some of the ways a private school will ensure preschoolers embrace storytime!
Small Class Sizes Ensure Participation in Storytime
Private pre-k programs pride themselves on maintaining small class sizes, which allows for more individualized attention for each child. As teachers read stories aloud, learners can be involved in the story. The instructor can ask the class what they think might happen next based on context clues. With a smaller class, such involvement is easier to track. Teachers can ensure students who don’t speak up as much get turns to share their ideas and be involved in storytime.
Enriching Reading Resources Foster Excitement
Private preschools are equipped with enriching reading resources. Well-stocked libraries contain diverse, engaging, and developmentally appropriate books to captivate young readers. Teachers can pick out a different book for storytime each day that will excite their group of students. Little ones can even take turns choosing a book one day a week for further involvement!
Language Exposure Accelerates Growth
According to the Urban Child Institute, students in pre-k programs develop literacy, language, and math skills faster than non-participating tots. A private school exposes children to rich language through storytime. Hearing stories read aloud and using expanded vocabulary accelerates language development, which is a key precursor for reading proficiency. Teachers model and foster language growth one story at a time.
Passionate Teachers Offer Warmth
Nothing inspires a love of storytime more than passionate teachers who share their enthusiasm. Private institutions seek dedicated teachers who make reading fun through their energy and creativity; their passion is contagious. The bonds pre-k teachers form with children motivate them to be involved in storytime each day.
With advantages like low student-teacher ratios, plentiful resources, language immersion, and devoted teachers, your tot will love storytime. This foundation excites little ones to learn how to read in elementary school. Contact Coral Gables preschool today to learn more about our curriculum and how it could benefit your child.