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Preschool Nutrition: What Your Child Should Be Having for Lunch

Preschool remains an excellent option for children. According to Soocial, preschool students are about one-third of a year ahead of their peers. On top of choosing the right preschool, nutrition is crucial to a child’s healthy growth and development. Children should eat a well-balanced meal that includes various foods to ensure they get the necessary vitamins and nutrients. This is what your little one should be eating for lunch.
Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and vegetables are crucial to a well-balanced diet. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Antioxidants help boost young immune systems, while the powerful powerhouses of nutrition encourage cognitive development. Various fruits and vegetables should be included instead of the same thing daily. One day may consist of fruit slices, while lunch the next day may consist of a side salad.
Plenty of Protein
Protein is essential for growing minds and bodies. A private preschool should provide lean versions of protein to help children develop the foundation they need for a life of healthy eating. Chicken strips without breading, fish, and beans are all excellent ideas to help support growth and ensure children have plenty of energy.
Whole Grains
Whole grains are packed with additional nutrients, such as fiber. They have healthy carbs and can ensure children have the minerals they need. Whole-grain pasta, crackers, and bread are all trendy choices. Peanut butter and crackers can be provided to give children fun snack-like food as a part of their lunch.
Dairy Products
It’s common for a private preschool to provide dairy products or dairy alternatives. Milk is often served as a drink with lunch to ensure children receive this vital food group with their meal. Cheese slices or cubes as a side dish are also an excellent idea. Yogurt and yogurt tubes provide a fun way for children to enjoy different dairy foods that are available in various flavors.
A private preschool in Miami knows the importance of providing students with healthy, well-balanced lunches. Our lunches are packed with nutritious foods instead of sugars and empty calories. Contact us at Key Point Academy Coral Gables today to learn more about our preschool program. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the lunch we serve, so you can feel peace of mind.