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Key Point Academy
Coral Gables

Key Point Academy
Coral Gables

Quality Child Care

Key Point Academy Coral Gables provides a secure, nurturing, and integrative environment wherein educators and parents collaborate to inspire and motivate children.

We take pride in offering a well-balanced, nutritious gourmet meal program, featuring organic and fresh ingredients. Meals are prepared daily, guaranteeing our commitment to the well-being of the children entrusted to our care. We believe that this holistic approach to child development at Key Point Academy Coral Gables sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Innovative Preschool

At Key Point Academy Coral Gables, we are dedicated to providing an enriching preschool experience in a welcoming environment. Our focus is on cultivating a collaborative relationship between educators and parents, all aimed at inspiring and stimulating our young learners.

Our instructional framework promotes daily experiential learning, complemented by substantial developmental and academic reinforcement designed to meet the needs of each preschooler. We earnestly encourage parental engagement, as it enhances the learning journey and fosters robust connections between home and school. As a preschool, Key Point Academy Coral Gables takes pride in laying the vital foundation for a lifetime of educational success.

Our Classes


Our experience at Key Point Preschools has been wonderful. The teachers are welcoming and warm. My daughter has been very happy since starting there 6 months ago. She looks forward to going to school and has gotten close to all of the teachers. I enjoy getting the artwork that she completes almost daily. I highly recommend this school.
Jessy Law

This is the best school for toddlers and Pre-k School in Miami. My son was there for half a year of the Toddler class and all year of the Pre-K 2 class and in the year and a half he was there (from 18 months to 2 years old) he already knew all the alphabet, the numbers and colors in English, Spanish and Italian, among many things; Something I will never forget is that at the end of his first week of attending school, my son wanted to eat alone without any help. Due to work circumstances we had to move to another state and a year has passed and my son who is now 4 years old still asks about the school, friends and teachers. As a parent, I miss school too, all the staff is INCREDIBLE; They treated my son exceptionally, as I also know they do with all children.

Maximo Italiano
We were looking for a day care that could take our daughter and after interviewing a number of them, settled on Key Point. The program is run incredibly well, our kid learns all sorts of new things and loves going to school. Her teachers are amazing, and I would reco this for any family looking for a place to send their kiddo.
Jacek Grebski

We are very happy with KPACG! Our son feels at home… Thank you 🙂

Juan Andres Ramos Rodriguez
Key Point has been my family’s school for 4 years. My two kids have met their friends, grow they speech and motor skills, and be able to learn and feel happy and safe at the same time. We feel proud to be part of this school and will be forever grateful for the support and love we have received.
Valeria De Bedout

My daughter is very happy at Key Point as we are as parents. All the teachers and staff are very friendly, supportive and lovely. They offer also several choices for after school programs like Ballet, Art, among others which is really helpful. What I like the most is that the staff really engages the students and everyone knows my daughter’s name.

Alessia Braschi

I’ve dropped off my nephew plenty of times and they always greet him with so much care and love, his teacher always makes him feel like a superstar. His vocabulary has improved drastically since he started with them as well. I recommend you send your kids to this preschool if you are in the Aventura area.

Charles Odenz

As a mother of two young children you are always extra careful when it comes to caring for them so when I found these guys I was able to relax again at work knowing they are well taken care for. Thank you for giving me peace of mind while they are away from my care 🙂

Dani Elle

My son has been going to this preschool for the year and I’m very happy with the care and how much he has advance with his speaking skills, nobody can shut him up now lol. A big THANK YOU to all the staff for a wonderful job!!

Hollie Underwood

Fun Spot


This artistic dance will help your children express themselves and tell a story through the music. It develops great posture and grace, and who can resist the little “tu-tus”?


This discipline will teach your kids balance, coordination, respect for each other, and agility. It is great for preschoolers, boys and girls alike!

Private Piano

Individual Piano Lessons. Please call for more information.


The world’s most popular sport!! Soccer will teach your kids teamwork, leadership, coordination and love for sports.


Our Art program focuses on the exploration of a wide range of materials and mediums through open-ended activities that provide opportunities for enjoyment and self-expression.


Our STEAM program focuses on exposing children to activities that consist of combining multiple disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). STEAM activities encourage and promote observation, research, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

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