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Pre K

Can Pre-K Attendance Boost Your Child’s Performance in Elementary School?  

Pre-K is usually when most children set foot into a classroom for the first time. They begin developing a routine and a healthy academic foundation. However, many parents wonder if preschool is necessary. Let’s go over whether it can benefit your child in later grades.

Academic Benefits

According to the Urban Child Institute, children who attend preschool develop literacy, math, and language skills quicker than children who don’t. Those skills often follow them into their elementary years. Enrolling them in a quality pre-k program can instantly put your child ahead of the academic curve.

Routine Establishment

It can be overwhelming for children to set foot into the classroom for the first time. Pre-K classes are designed to give children the one-on-one attention they need during the home-school transition. This provides an important stepping stone to later grades. Many schools also offer half-day classes for children. These flexible schedules help your little one establish a routine before entering kindergarten!

Proper Early Intervention

Some children may have developmental delays.  A good pre-k will have qualified educators who will observe these delays and refer the child for evaluation and support services. Catching these delays as early as possible and addressing them in a timely manner during pre-k will ensure that your child receives the early interventions they need to succeed. Providing support services when necessary, helps avoid any gaps in their development and future education.

Academic Readiness

Choosing a quality pre-k program helps your child prepare for the school routine. Children will develop a better understanding of classroom rules and learn how to follow instructions. They’ll adjust to the structured routine of a classroom and will develop greater independence. All of this facilitates their transition into kindergarten and beyond.

Social Development

Children who have never been exposed to a classroom setting will need time to adjust and learn how to interact with classmates. Preschool fosters early social and emotional development. During the early years, children also develop self-regulation. In Pre-K, teachers intentionally promote these important social and emotional skill that will make it easier for children to develop friendships and the ability to work collaboratively in groups in their later school years.
When you send your little ones to pre k, you are helping them build a solid foundation for success in later grades. Children will establish a routine that prepares them for their future education, they will also acquire important academic concepts and social/emotional skills. Contact Key Point Academy in Coral Gables, FL today to learn more about our preschool program!