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How Private Preschools Promote Early Literacy Skills

  • KPA Coral Gables Editor
Reading is a fundamental skill for academic and life success. That’s why promoting this skill early on is so important. Although preschoolers cannot read, there are many ways to expose them to written language and help them acquire early literacy skills. One of the most important ways is through reading books. Story time has the the power to engage children’s imagination, foster listening comprehension and vocabulary, promote focus and expand knowledge. Here are some of the ways in which a quality private school will incorporate story time in their daily routine:

Promote Participation During Story time

As teachers read stories aloud, they can engage students by asking open-ended questions such as “What do you think is happening in this pictures” or “What do you think will happen next?”. Private pre-k programs maintain adequate student-to-teacher ratios, enabling engagement and opportunities to ask, share and participate.

Enriching Reading Resources Foster Excitement

Private preschools are equipped with enriching reading resources that expose children to language. Well-stocked libraries contain diverse, engaging, and developmentally appropriate books to captivate young readers with fiction and non-fiction books that provide opportunities to learn about new topics and cultures. In addition to story time, books are available for students to look at on their own or with a friend during they day because they are an important part of the classroom environment.

Passionate Teachers Offer Warmth

Nothing inspires a love of story time more than passionate teachers who make reading fun through their energy and creativity. From speaking in different tones to asking questions about what they think will happen next, instructors make story time an enjoyable part of the day that students look forward to.
According to the Urban Child Institute, students in pre-k programs develop literacy, language, and math skills faster than non-participating toddlers. In fact, gains made are 37% to 176% greater than those of children who do not attend preschool with skills persisting well into their elementary years. By enrolling your child in a preschool program that promotes early literacy skills, your little one will receive the foundation needed for elementary school. Contact Key Point Academy Coral Gables today to learn more about our curriculum and how it can benefit your child.