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What Kind of Learning Activities Do Students Enjoy in a Private Preschool?

  • KPA Coral Gables Editor

You’re considering different pre-k options for your child and are wondering what kinds of activities are offered. With lower student-to-teacher ratios and more funding for quality programs, private preschools provide young students with ample opportunities to stimulate learning and growth. Here are some of the learning opportunities that are available to your child in quality private preschools:

Hands-on Learning Activities

Private pre-k programs understand the importance of play-based learning in early childhood development. That’s why they incorporate a research-based curriculum that seamlessly integrates educational activities into play. Each activity is carefully planned to be engaging and hands-on. No matter what program you choose, you can expect a balance of large, small group and independent discovery.

Extracurricular Programs

In addition to early reading, writing, and math concepts taught through developmentally appropriate games and activities, private preschools often provide extracurricular programs. They offer music, art, steam and physical education programs. Each of these programs is carefully planned for young learners. Some pre-k programs also have gardening, technology, and foreign language programs to stimulate growing minds. The wide range of innovative learning opportunities distinguishes these preschools!

Field Trips, Special Events and Parent Involvement

Attending a private preschool program also gives older preschool students access to offsite learning experiences through field trips and special events. Students may visit museums, nature centers, theaters, and other cultural institutions to compliment classroom instruction. Younger students may also participate in-school field trips where community helpers, musicians, artists, librarians and such visit the school to perform, read books or provide demonstrations. Parents are also encouraged to take part in their child’s learning through various volunteering opportunities.

According to a survey by the Cato Institute, from 2021 to 2023, 55% of privately-run institutions reported enrollment increases. This is because more and more parents are investing in their child’s early education! If you’re looking to enroll your child in a renowned pre-k program, schedule a tour at Key Point Academy Coral Gables today and discover how we foster curiosity and learning through a wide range of hands-on experiences. Contact us today to learn more!