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Why is It Important for My Child to Develop Literacy Skills in Early Education Programs?

  • KPA Coral Gables Editor

There was a time when many parents weren’t fully aware of the abilities their newborns and toddlers possessed. Now, more and more parents understand that children can grasp concepts at a young age, including literacy skills. While skill-building at home is important, enrolling toddlers in early childhood education centers is the best step parents can take to ensure their little ones understand concepts that will guide them throughout the rest of their educational journey. Keep reading to learn more.

Instilling Literacy Skills in Children

The process of developing early literacy also known as emergent literacy involves spoken language, alphabetical knowledge, and understanding that print can carry meaning. To become fluent in communication and reading, these skills should begin during the infant and toddler stages and continue throughout preschool.

According to the Urban Child Institute, children in pre-k programs are known to develop language, literacy, and math skills more quickly than children who aren’t enrolled in early childhood education centers. They also note that the academic improvements in pre-k children are 37% to 176% better than those who don’t attend such programs. This growth continues throughout elementary school.

Enrolling Children in Early Childhood Education Centers

One of the best ways to improve your child’s skills is by surrounding them with memorable experiences that tap into their natural abilities, lead to a better understanding of life and prepare them for future education. As one of the highly respected early childhood education centers in Coral Gables, Key Point Academy offers a captivating and nurturing program for children ages one to five.

Our curriculum engages the minds and personalities of our students in a learning process that covers every aspect of their development and education. Our toddler program involves numerous hands-on, sensorial activities focused on exploration and discovery. For children ages three to five, our programs promote academic readiness and problem-solving abilities.

Key Point Academy in Coral Gables assists in preparing children for kindergarten and beyond. Our wholesome curriculum complimented by our extracurricular programs stimulate all areas of early development. Through our STEAM classes (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) children develop critical thinking skills. Our gardening, music, and physical education programs support hand-on discovery and learning. For more information, contact us at your earliest convenience.