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5 Benefits of Private Preschool Your Child Shouldn’t Miss Out on

  • KPA Coral Gables Editor

Enrolling your child in a private preschool can offer many benefits. In fact, a wholesome program may offer your child a strong educational foundation for further success in life. Let’s explore five key benefits your little one shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Learn Structure

Going to school for the first time represents significant change for many young children. Even if you provide a lot of structure at home, the kind of structure offered in a classroom setting will be significantly different. Working with young children requires flexibility. For this reason, pre-k programs won’t be as tightly regimented as elementary classrooms. However, they still provide structure to facilitate an effective learning environment. Consistent schedules and rules provide a sense of security in children and help them develop attention-span and focus.

2. Develop Social Skills

Getting an education isn’t just about math, reading, and science. While these subjects are important, other skills are crucial as well, especially during the early years. Some of the most important skills young children can develop are social skills. Social skills can significantly influence your child’s future education and life. A proper pre-k program will offer a safe environment where your child can interact with other children and adults while developing skills such as sharing, conflict resolution, communication, teamwork among others.

3. Enjoy Structured Fun

Sociability often goes hand in hand with structured fun. When children have the opportunity to play with other children of their age, they learn to share, play pretend, and use their imagination. Different forms of structured play provide multiple benefits to children that may often go unnoticed for adults. For example, structured play can take the form of dressing up, doing a puzzle or playing a board game. These activities allow children to build their logic and problem-solving skills, as well as strategize and use their imagination. These are all important competencies in elementary school and beyond.

4. Stay Ahead

The benefits of a private preschool program are too considerable to ignore. As of October 2021, roughly half of three to four-year-olds were enrolled in a pre-k program, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. If your child misses out on the opportunity to be enrolled in an early learning center, they could get off to a slower start when they reach kindergarten, which could hamper their educational experience for years to come. In fact, per LinkedIn, children who don’t attend a pre-k program are more likely to fall behind their peers. Enrolling your little one in a quality private preschool, can get them on the right academic track early on.

5. Ensure Proper Care

The best private preschool programs have a good teacher to student ratio. This means they are able to provide each child with the individualized support and attention they need. This not only benefits children but also provides a peace of mind for parents. With proper supervision, your little one will have access to qualified educators who will ensure they are building the social and academic skills necessary for future school and life.

Want to learn more about our excellent private preschool program in Coral Gables, FL? Feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you discover what is best for your child’s academic and social development.